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Vidalia Educational Foundation

Vidalia Educational Foundation



In 1999, the Vidalia City Schools established an educational foundation.  This foundation taps the energy, skills, concerns and financial resources of our residents, businesses and organizations in order to promote excellence and invigorate public support for the Vidalia City Schools.


The foundation consists of volunteers who care about children, our schools, and our community.  They are residents of Vidalia - involved citizens, public school parents, businessmen, alumni - all are advocates for public education.  We are among several hundred grassroots foundations now operating around the country to engage the community as an active resource for public education.


Each year the foundation organizes special events and collaborates with others to raise private funds for our schools, celebrate public education and involve the community in school activities.  As a result, the foundation will award classroom mini-grants to teachers and building level grants to schools in the Vidalia City School System.  These "Bright Light" grants encourage new ways of teaching and ensuring student success.  They provide resources for diverse projects that teachers design to support learning.  Teachers and administrators submit applications twice each year for possible funding of projects that are not supported by tax dollars.


Through special funding, the foundation awards "High Lights" grants to teachers.  These grants are for teachers who are seeking additional educational training either through advanced or required coursework.


The Vidalia Educational Foundation, Inc. welcomes your support through tax deductable donations. You are invited to honor the memory of a loved one or recognize a relative or friend's special day through a "Gift of Learning" to the Foundation.  Please consider this when an occasion requires your acknowledgement. 


Jo Hamilton,

Community Services Coordinator


"Light their Way"



301 Adams St, Vidalia, GA 30474