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 The Vidalia City School District is embarking on a strategic planning process that requires input from citizens, staff, parents, students and civic leaders. The input will be used to ensure that the resulting plan will reflect the wishes of the district’s citizenry.

     There are two opportunities for the community to provide this input. A public meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 26 at Sally D. Meadows Elementary School at 6:00 p.m.   All citizens, staff, parents and high school students are invited to participate in small group discussion regarding issues useful in developing the plan. If you are unable to attend the meeting, an online survey will provide another opportunity to weigh in on this important community development issue. A link to the survey will be posted to the school district’s website at the day after the meeting.

     All of the input will be given to a planning team composed of school staff and community members to assist in their deliberations on crafting a vision, mission, beliefs and strategic goal areas for the district.

   The 21st Century After School program is accepting contracts for a data entry clerk for the CAYEN data system. This position will be for a contracted amount to be determined for gathering and entering all 21st century staff, student, and parent information. This individual must be proficient in computer technology and have experience with data entry systems. Experience with government data systems is desired. Please send proposal to

  The 21st Century After School program is accepting contracts for an evaluator for the program. The evaluator will be responsible for collecting data for the required reports for 21st Century and submitting the reports to the state and program director. Please send proposal to

The 21st Century After School is looking for a behavioral group to provide consultation, training, and 1/1 instruction for children with autism and other related disabilities. Qualifications include experience with school systems and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst as supervisor. Please email Anna Bullard at if interested.